Medical Influences on Behaviour Course



Modifying a dog’s behaviour cannot be done through training alone when there is an underlying condition causing the behaviour problem. In the day to day life of a dog behaviour expert you will regularly meet dogs that have underlying medical conditions that are influencing the behaviour of the dog. From dogs that bite due to vision problems, or hormonal abnormalities causing sudden adjustments in dogs behaviour, this module will equip students will a basic understanding of how and why veterinary and behaviour professionals must work closely together.


The information in this course will be delivered in the form of two virtual webinars, two online manuals, a tutor led group discussion and an optional Skype/telephone tutorial.


One online exam
One at-home written exam


This is a one month course and will begin as soon as you register.




Your tutor on this course will be Nanci Creedon M.Sc. CDBC. Nanci has a degree in Zoology and a master’s degree in Animal Behaviour. She is a certified dog behaviour consultant and also a certified pet dog trainer.  


Attendance at all webinar sessions is compulsory.

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Module 1: External Medical Conditions that Affect Behaviour

Module 2: Internal Medical Conditions Affecting Behaviour