To QQI or not to QQI, that is the question 🙂

Many people ask us why some courses are QQI accredited and some are not. It may seem confusing but the answer is very simple.

Basically, we have designed, developed and written all of our courses here in-house.

QQI are an awarding body. Creedons College can submit a course that we have designed to QQI and QQI will decide whether or not they will provide a certificate (award) for that course.

HOWEVER, the awards that QQI have are set in stone. So Creedons College can only submit courses for pre-existing awards.

If QQI do not have a pre-existing award for one of our courses then they cannot certify it. For example, there is no QQI award available for an advanced dog behaviour course. So while our Professional Dog Behaviour Consultant course has been written and designed using the same formats and structures as our QQI approved Practical Dog Trainer course, there is no QQI award for the PDBC course so instead we are the awarding body for this course.

Remember, to become a QQI approved provider Creedons College have undergone three years of intensive assessments on everything from our premises, to our data protection, to our policies and procedures. As a college we have met their very high standards so you can rest assured that which ever Creedons College course you decide to take you will receive the same extremely high quality of education.

Professional Dog Training Instructor 2.0

If you want to become a professional dog trainer then this is the course for you. 
Upon gradiating you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to provide both group training classes and private one to one training sessions.

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Professional Dog Behaviour Consultant

There is a great demand for professionally qualified dog behaviourists in Ireland, but an overwhelming lack of professionals.
This course will provide you with the expertise to offer behaviour consultations and prepare you for your application to a certifying body.

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Professional Gradico Grooming

Gradico Grooming is a unique service where dogs who are afraid of the grooming process are rehabilitated in a kind and gentle way.
This course will train already working dog groomers in how to become a licenced Gradico Groomer and add Gradico Grooming to their services. 

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Dog Daycare Assistant Carer

The role of the dog daycare assistant is to work closely with the dogs ensuring they are all safe, happy and interacting in the correct way. 
This course will train you in how to be the perfect doggie daycare assistant. 

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Dog Daycare Supervisor Role

The Dog Daycare Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the business operates smoothly and successfully from a staff and dog care point of view. 

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Dog Daycare Owner/Manager

Upon completion of this programme learners will be fully prepared to launch their own successful dog daycare, or run a daycare centre equipped with all that they need to know about owning and operating a dog daycare centre, plus how to avoid commonly made mistakes..

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Canine First Aid Workshop

Creedons College are delighted to welcome veterinary surgeon Dr Megan Kenny to our panel of tutors to deliver our Canine First Aid Responder workshop.
This is the ONLY canine first aid workshop in Ireland that is delivered by a vet so you are sure to learn the very best of information.

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Manual Handling With Dog Care

Over 30% of workplace accidents are as a result of manual handling.
For those of us working as pet professionals it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your staff are practicing good manual handling techniques.

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Dog Bite Prevention Seminar

This is a not to be missed for any professional dog trainer, groomer, kennel operator, veterinary professional or anyone who works with dogs.

This seminar is also a must-attend for any dog owner, child ‘owner’ or person who meets dogs in their daily life!

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Groom Your Own Dog Workshop

This one day workshop is super popular for pet owners who want to cut down on the costs of regular trips to the groomers, or for owners of nervous dogs who don’t want to put them through the stress of being groomed by a stranger.

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Introduction to Canine Massage Workshop

Canine massage helms to reduce stress, aid recovery, and provides your dog with a real treat and bonding experience.
Learn how to carry out multiple massage moves from our qualified canine masseuse, and bring your dog along on the day for a real pamper session.

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Hosting Professional Puppy Parties

Are you looking for a way to grow your business, and have the best time while doing so?
Adding monthly Puppy Parties are simply the BEST way to grow your loyal customer basis, increase your profits, and get those amazing promotional photos for your social media account.
Become a certified Puppy Party Host with us here at Creedons College and learn all about how to host super successful Puppy Parties in the RIGHT way!

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