Understanding and Modifying Behaviour in the Grooming Salon


Start Date 1st of August 2018

Is the happiness of your canine clients paramount?

Would a certificate in behaviour impress your clients?

Would you love to be able to offer behaviour modification for your more challenging clients?

If yes, this course is for you!

Find out more below

*This course is only suitable for working dog groomers. 

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Course Delivery

This course is delivered through virtual video lessons where you tutor will provide you with the theory and practical demonstrations that you need to further develop your skills and knowledge to help you become the best dog groomer that you can be!

Your Tutor

Nanci Creedon is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), and also with Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals (AABP).
She has a degree in Zoology and a masters degree in Animal Behaviour focusing on clinical dog behaviour. Further information on www.NanciCreedon.ie .

Nanci has been studying and attending seminars in the dog behaviour industry for over 12 years and will continue to do so throughout her career. To date she has spent almost €25,000 on continued professional development.

Nanci is also a successful businesswoman, she owns and operates Creedons Doggie Daycare and is also the director of Creedons College. Nanci won Cork’s Best Young Entrepreneur in 2014 and continues to attend business management and development seminars.


Applying Learning Theory to the Grooming Salon

To change the behaviour of an animal, we must first understand why they have learned to carry out the unwanted behaviours, and then use learning theory science to apply a behaviour modification programme.

Complex Canine Communication

This module is designed for professionals who have already a good basic understand of dog body language.

Understanding The Neurochemistry of Stress

Stress is stressful, no joke! But what impact does it have on the dogs brain, and how does stress impact that dogs behaviour? Why is chronically elevated cortisol the enemy of the dog groomer? Learn about the complexities of neurochemistry, and find out how you can explain this to your client in simple terms.

Understanding the Role of the Endocrine System in Behaviour

Hormones, hormones, hormones. This module will educate you on how hormones cause changes in behaviour, and how you can manipulate your canine clients in to increasing the desired hormone levels.

Behaviour Modification for the Fearful Dog

A fearful dog is an unhappy dog. They may seem shut down, and relatively straight forward to groom, but it truly breaks your heart to see a fearful Fido on your grooming table. Gain the skills and knowledge required to help boost these babies confidence.

Behaviour Modification for the Aggressive Dog

No one wants to get bitten! And no one wants a dog on their table that has learned that biting gets them biscuits! This module will teach you how to handle the unhandlable hounds.


Assessment Process

The assessments for this programme are in the format of online exams with short questions and multiple choice questions.

Your certificate will be posted to you upon successful completion of the programme.

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