Hosting Professional Puppy Parties


Are you looking for a way to grow your business, and have the best time while doing so?
Adding monthly Puppy Parties are simply the BEST way to grow your loyal customer basis, increase your profits, and get those amazing promotional photos for your social media account.
HOWEVER! Hosting a puppy party when you’re not trained in doing so is one of the more common reasons for puppies to develop serious behaviour problems later in life, as at this age there are so many critical development stages If they learn bad habits, are overwhelmed, or experience a traumatic event at a puppy party they may be facing an uphill battle overcoming this later in life.
Become a certified Puppy Party Host with us here at Creedons College and learn all about how to host super successful Puppy Parties in the RIGHT way!
Training Delivered By Claire Ryan (Certified puppy expert and qualified Professional Dog Training Instructor)


Course content:
Module 1:
Puppy Party Hell vs Puppy Party Heaven
Structuring Your Puppy Party – From Location, to Room Set Up, to Number of dogs and more.
Module 2:
Designing your Puppy Party and Handout Material
Choosing Topics
Knowing Where to Draw The Line Between Puppy Party Material and Training or Behaviour Referrals
Module 3:
How to Professionally Read your Puppies
Body Language and Signalling that Raises Warning Signals
When is a Happy Puppy a Dangerous Puppy?
When is a Shy Puppy a Traumatised Puppy?
How to Respond and When to Step In
Module 4:
Understanding and Facilitating Socialisation and Habituation at your Party.
Explaining Behaviour and Learning to your Puppy Parents
Choosing Appropriate Puppy Playmates
Structuring Safe Play Sessions
Module 5:
Understanding Individuals – Managing Puppy Personalities
Module 6:
Educational Topics for Puppy Parents
Prepping Parents for Raising Happy and Healthy Pets
Module 7:
Understanding the Importance of Appropriate Mental Stimulation, Enrichment and Managing Life Environments
Module 8
Hosting Successful Puppy Parties – Real Life Deliveries

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June 6th+7th, September 5th+6th