Dog Daycare Theory Certificate


Dog Daycare Theory Distance Learning Programme (DDT) has been designed to provide learners with a foundation understanding of the dog daycare industry. This course is perfect for those interested in pursuing a career in the dog care industry, but are not yet ready to commit fully, or those who are ready to begin their journey toward becoming a dog daycare expert.

Progression courses include the Dog Daycare Assistant course and the Practical Dog Management course.

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This programme is delivered through online webinars, which we believe will maximize the learning of the student, as classes can be attended at a convenient time, without the need to travel to our centre in Cork, and can be paused and re-watched to ensure nothing is missed.

The programme should take approximately 6 weeks to complete, but can be completed at the learners own pace over a maximum of six months.


Online exams are taken at the completion of each module, with maximum of 30 minutes allowed for each exam.


Module 1 Understanding the Dog Daycare Industry

The past, the present and the future of this fascinating, rapidly growing industry.

Module 2 Is Daycare Right for Me? 

Are you cut out to work in a doggie daycare? Or perhaps you’re thinking of setting up a doggie daycare of your own? Find out more about what’s involved and if it’s right for you.

Module 3 Who Uses Doggie Daycare? 

Who sends their dog to daycare and why?

Learn more about the different needs for daycare, the different personality types, and the different types of daycare setups that suit different dogs.

Module 4 A Typical Day at Doggie Daycare

What should you expect behind the scenes at a dog daycare centre?
From understanding the importance to a thorough assessment process for new dogs, to the routines that dogs become familiar with, and an overview of common policies and procedures, this module will help you to build your understanding of what exactly happens behind closed doors at a typical doggie daycare centre.

Module 5 Staying Safe at Doggie Daycare 

While the general public think its all puppies and cuddles, the truth is working in a doggie daycare centre comes with every day hazards and risks that must be taken seriously. This module will open your eyes to the many physical risks and prepare you to have a risk-scanning mindset for the wellbeing of humans and canines alike.

Module 6 How to Become Employable at a Doggie Daycare Centre

This module will give learners inside information on what daycare employers are looking for, what steps they should be taking now, and how to pursue a successful career working with dogs.

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March 1st 2022