Doggie Daycare Owner/Manager Course


Dog Daycare Owner / Manager Programme (DDOM) prepares learners for running their very own dog daycare centre.
Launching your own dog daycare centre is a brave decision, but also comes with risk.
It is essential that prior to launching your daycare centre, or taking over the management of a centre, you educate yourself on all the many different elements of business management.
Upon completion of this programme learners will be fully prepared to launch their own successful dog daycare centre, equipped with all that they need to know about owning and operating a dog daycare centre, plus how to avoid commonly made mistakes.


This programme is delivered using both classroom and online seminars over six-month period.

Learners are required to attend four full day classroom sessions delivered through two weekends, and 5 days’ work placement at our centre in Cork City.

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Module 1 Are You Ready?

The secrets of a successful dog daycare owner / manager are covered here, along with the realities of what to expect on a day to day basis, the characteristics you will need to succeed, and how important it is to start as you mean to go on.

Module 2 Supervising Successful Daycare Team

A dog daycare environment usually has a tight-knit team of staff. Guaranteeing this team operates in a happy and harmonious manner, pulling in the same direction, is vital. The supervisor is responsible for maintaining a happy team and this module will help you to learn how to ensure this happens.

Module 3 Practical Business Operations

Designing and developing the perfect dog daycare business requires thinking outside the box. Will you need an accountant? Do you charge VAT? Will you require planning permission? This module covers all of the important business details that need to be considered prior to launching your dog daycare centre.

Module 4 Preparing your Policies and Procedures

Each dog daycare business is a reflection of the owner / manager. The day to day operations, policies, and procedures that the business lives by must be decided upon by the persons in charge. This module will play an essential role in designing your future business.

Module 5 Administrative Operations

Paperwork is a large part of the day to day activities of a dog daycare operator. It is essential that any potential dog daycare owners are fully prepared for the administrative activities of the business in advance of launching the business. This module will prepare you for this often-overlooked essential element of operations.

Module 6 Problem Solving in the Dog Daycare Industry

There are two ways to learn how to avoid potential problems, one, make the mistakes and learn from them, or two, learn how to avoid mistakes from someone who has lived them! This module will cover many different potential issues that a dog daycare owner may face, and explore multiple ways to overcome such problems.

Module 7 Human Resources in your Dog Daycare Business

Hiring the right team of staff is the most critical element of running a successful business. This module will walk you through potential pitfalls, cover your legal responsibilities, and ensure that you are fully prepared for building your dream team.

Module 8 Choosing and Preparing your Premises

The right premises is so important when launching your dog daycare centre. Have you thought about flooring? Wall covers? Public access? Neighbours? Car parks? Nearby resources? There is so much to choosing, and designing the perfect premises, and this module will help to set you up for success.

Module 9 Launching Your business

Marketing and research is essential in ensuring your business is successful. This module will cover all aspects of promoting and launching your business, from social media, choosing your logo and uniforms, gaining brand recognition in your community, and preparing for the big business launch.