Dog Behaviour Science


In the pet care industry in Ireland, up until recent times pet care, especially dog care and behaviour, has been thought of a wishy washy career choice based on having a ‘gift’ of a magical touch with pets. Here at Creedons College however, we approach pet care from a scientific view point, based on research and understanding biology and anatomy.

At this level we do not expect you to be at brain surgeon level. Instead, we will look at why understanding the brain comes into play when working with dogs. We will explore supplementary care for anxious, fearful and/or aggressive dogs. We will also investigate the influence of hormones on dogs behaviour.

These topics will be explored in much more detail in both the dog training and dog behaviour courses, though this introductory course will be more than enough to help you understand the topics and why they are so important in the modern pet dog care industry.

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Module 1 Learning Theory – The science behind how learning occurs

Module 2 Learning Theory Applied – Analyse dog behaviour from a scientific viewpoint

Module 3 The Nervous System – How the nervous system influences behaviour

Module 4 The Endocrine System – The effect of hormones on behaviour

Module 5 Pharmacology – How medication can alter behaviour


  • Theory classes will be hosted through virtual lectures (you watch the class online)
  • Written manuals which you will study at home
  • Online Exams


Entry Requirement

To enrol on this course you must be somewhat internet and computer savvy and access to good internet connection is necessary.  You will need to log onto your account and view all materials online.