The Dog Owner’s Guide to On Leash Reactivity



You will have access to the course for six months to re-watch lessons as many times as you like.

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This programme has been designed to help frustrated dog owners finally understand the WHY to their dogs on leash reactivity, the WHAT caused the behaviour to begin in the first place, and the HOW they can implement measures to help their dog cope in previously overwhelming situations.

Time to take control of the situation, be proactive, and make walks a joy again!

Dog Behaviourist Nanci Creedon is Ireland’s go-to expert in all dog behaviour issues. With a degree in Zoology, a masters degree in Animal Behaviour, and a list as long as your arm of additional courses and seminars attended (have a look here) you have come to the right place to find out how to get to the bottom of this unwanted behaviour.

Nanci has created five easy to watch video webinars that will revolutionise your life!

First she will first help you understand what is happening through your dogs eyes – giving you new insight which will help you understand the severity of the behaviour problem.

Lesson two, I’m sorry to say, will explain the simple mistakes that she see’s dog owners make over and over again, where, with the best of intentions, they are actually making the behaviour worse.

Next she will introduce you to quick and easy changes you can make to begin the journey toward a happier hound.

Next up is the fun training games to work on which will increase the bond between you and your dog, and help to rebuild your potentially damaged relationship.

Finally, Nanci will give you four clear steps to follow to begin implementing to get rid of on-leash reactivity forever!

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