The Dog Behaviourists Guide to Doggie Daycare

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Start Date February 1st 2021

This course has been designed for those interested in pursuing a career working in Doggie Daycare, or those already working in the industry, such as dog groomers and kennel staff, interested in expanding to offer doggie daycare.

Delivery is through video webinars and support manuals.



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Module 1 – What Is Doggie Daycare?

Module 2 – Dog Behaviour at Doggie Daycare

Module 3 – Human Behaviour at Doggie Daycare

Module 4 – Working with Dogs in Doggie Daycare

Module 5 – Problem Dog Behaviour at Doggie Daycare

Module 6 – Risk Assessment and Safety at Doggie Daycare


Progression Opportunities

Practical Dog Daycare Handler Workshop

Practical Dog Daycare Handler 1 Month Internship

Professional Dog Daycare Supervisor Course