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Why some dogs don’t like snow

We discussed a little while back why dogs love snow so much, but what about the opposite. Not all dogs are the same and not all dogs like snow, so why not? Here are some reasons from well know dog professionals.

Alexandra Horowitz suggests that it is the same reasons some like it that others may not. It changes everything, dogs that have had bad starts in life will be frightened of the most simple thing, changing what he has just gotten used, his outdoor surroundings, can set the dog make in any progress he may be making with becoming comfortable in himself.

Paul McGreevy makes the very simple point that short dogs will simply get too cold if exposed to these conditions for too long. It also makes it difficult to even move, simply going to toilet in an shoveled garden can be difficult for them. Dogs with lots of hair between the pads of their feet can have huge problems when snow gathers here and forms snowballs. It can be very painful as it pushes the pads in different directions.

Stephen Zawistowki agrees that dogs find it uncomfortable and difficult to cope in. He also says that older dogs in particular, with failing sight and mobility can find a place they are usually familiar with difficult to understand. He makes the interesting note that the type of snow can affect different dogs in different ways; light snow can be enjoyable for the ones finding it difficult in heavy snow.

Patricia McConnell points out that it simply hurts too much. Have you ever built a snowman with your bare hands? It very quickly starts to hurt, almost burning. Imagine being made to go out and walk bare foot for half an hour, not much fun.

So next time its snowy and cold out, don’t force your pooch out in it, he may not like it has much as you think.