The Story of Creedons College

The Launch

Creedons College was launched in 2013 as the brain child of Nanci Creedon. Nanci had been studying dog behaviour for 10 years at this stage, attending seminars internationally, and working as a dog trainer and behaviour consultant.

During conversations with friends in the industry , the demand for science based, progressive Irish educational options became more and more obvious. As Nanci had at this stage completed a wide variety of courses, some better than others, she was in the perfect position to know exactly what students want, and need.

The priority for Creedons College from day one has been to provide science based educational courses, focused on preparing students for employment, and most importantly to prioritise ensuring that all classes are run in a fun, inclusive, enjoyable manner, if the tutors are not enjoying themselves then it is unlikely you are – so an easy going, informal teaching environment has always been encouraged , in fact it’s the reason so many of our students come back for more!


Creedons College first launched in 2013 in our premises in Little Island. As we were unsure of how popular our courses would be, we decided to be brave and launch in a temporary premises. The response was overwhelming – we even had veterinary surgeons enrolling on our course, so while we loved our stay in Little Island, we decided to commit to a permanent residence , one that we could really make home.

We moved to our home on Vicars Road in April 2014 – and we haven’t looked back since. We custom built a grooming college here, kitted with three grooming baths, with lots of room for grooming tables and equipment. Our new premises came with a ready-made classroom, and we created a cozy sitting room style lunch room where students can truly unwind.

This premises also houses Creedons Doggie Daycare, so we have 3000sq ft of open space for carrying out practical work with dogs.


In 2018 Creedons College became an approved provider for QQI. QQI was previously known to many as FETAC. It is the national accrediting body here in Ireland.

Creedons College had to undergo a gruelling, but very worthwhile, application process. First the College was assessed as a provider. This meant that every element of the College was inspected, from the quality of our premises, the quality of our team, and the quality of our policies and procedures.
Once we met the extremely high standard expected from QQI we became approved providers.

Next, we had to have our programmes validated.
Creedons College have applied to have three programmes validated. These three programmes lead to a level 6 award. They are
Practical Dog Grooming
Practical Dog Training
Practical Dog Management

This process required the submission of our lesson plans, our programme material, and all of the many supplementary documents required for the provision of the programmes, along with detail of the personnel in place to ensure the smooth running of the programmes.

Today we received confirmation that all three programmes have been validated, and we can now begin offering these programmes, leading to QQI level 6 minor awards, which we are beyond excited to do so.

This achievement will mean so much to Creedons College and our future learners.

It means that Creedons College is now the only educational institution that specialises in animal care that is Nationally Accredited here in Ireland.

It means that graduates of our programmes will be able to travel with their qualification, as QQI awards are recognised and approved by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, so your qualifications will ‘make sense’ around the world.

It means that potential learners can be confident that Creedons College will provide them with a quality learning experience, having met the extremely high standards of QQI.

It means that if you are eligible for educational grants, such as the Back to Education grant, Back to Enterprise grant and so on, you can apply for funding on one of our QQI programmes.

And finally, it means that the hard work, commitment, and dedication to continual improvement of the team here at Creedons College has been recognised, and our seemingly impossible vision of having our little old College join the same league as the colleges of Further Education has been fulfilled.

Going Forward

Our commitment to students past, present and future is to continue to keep our courses up to date, to continue to add more courses that students would have an interest in, to continue educating and up-skilling our tutors, to continue offering one-day specialist workshops, and to continue to prioritise fun!