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Supporting Our Learners

Creedons College supports our learners.


We intend, going forward, to offer the label of Creedons Approved Pet Professionals. This will become a nationwide organisation in the coming years, including veterinary practices, dog walkers, pet sitters, pet shops, dog trainers, boarding kennels, catteries and so on.


In the future, there will be an independent site to promote CAPP which will be highly SEO’d and will replace the need for your own website, as well as providing fantastic advertising for your business, and allowing your niche (being a behaviour approved professional) help you stand out from your competitors.


CAPP will be required to have their business assessed – checked for health and safety, risk assessment, and that your standard of work is behaviour conscious, and then your standard will be continually assessed through feedback forms sent to your clients.


There will be a fee to join CAPP in the future as a full member, but until we are ready to launch, we are offering FREE provisional advertising on our site for Creedons College graduates.


If you are running a business and have successfully passed your exams with Creedons, please send your business details to


ALSO, to help our graduates promote themselves and their credibility we invite you to submit blog entries which will be put on our website.

Topics can include a difficult client and how you coped, observations on a television show, feedback from a workshop you attended and so on.

All blogs will be linked back to your site and have your booking details on the blog.