Recognising Medical Abnormalities


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Caring for your client’s dogs and cats comes with great responsibility. Should an emergency occur while the animal is under your care it can be detrimental to your business if you do not respond appropriately. Also, gaining the knowledge and skills to handle emergency situations will give you the much needed confidence to ensure that you are in control of the wellbeing of the dogs and cats in your care.

We are extremely excited to offer the ‘recognising medical abnormalities’ portion of this course.

Pet owners look at their dogs and cats every day, so often abnormalities that develop over time can be missed as the owners fail to notice any changes. This can lead to serious undiagnosed conditions, the suffering of the animal, and lack of medical care which could help or cure the condition.

As a pet professional, you have the opportunity to highlight any abnormalities that you may notice in dogs or cats in your care, so that your client can discuss the issue with their veterinary surgeon.

Designed, developed and delivered by veterinary professionals, this aspect of the course will teach you the signs to recognize common medical disorders that your clients may not have noticed. Your clients will be forever grateful and so will their pets!


Module 1

Visible medical conditions often overlooked – webinar and manual

Module 2

Internal medical conditions – webinar and manual