PDTI Module 3 Assessment


*(Please note, your online exam will focus on the learning theory, CNS and endocrine system lessons. This exam will have more questions than usual)

Question 2.

Using the manual below, summarise the information provided on pharmacology.

This information is found on pages 79-83, starting at the ‘Pharmacology’ heading and ending just before the ‘Rehoming and Euthanasia’ section.

*Ignore text in tables.

You should use the same headings that the book uses, so you will be working in 18 small sections.

To successfully complete this assessment you should first, read the information several times all together. Next, revise a section, and think about it. Process the information, research other sources of information, YouTube, good websites, books and so on. Then write out your newly acquired knowledge in your own words. Basically, once you’ve read it, your client asks you “can you explain what you just read?”. The assessment is to show that you understand what you just read. While a lot of the text is complex, your every day language wouldn’t be similar. Your assessment must reflect this. I do not want to see the text from the manual copied and pasted.

If you are unsure about the style, presentation or content, please contact your tutor.

Practical Canine Behaviour for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians

(Please save this book to your computer as it will be very beneficial in future)

This assessment must be submitted via uploading the assessment in word document file in the below exam.