End of Course Exam

Welcome to your end of course exam.


This exam is a combination of multiple choice questions and fill in the blank questions.


To eliminate the risk of students using notes, or assistance from others while taking the course we follow best practice methods. There is a limited amount of time to take this exam. This time limit is unknown, but will permit just enough time for you to answer all questions.  This means that when you read the question you need to answer it immediately, we do not allow time for you to think or muse over the answer as you should either know the answer, or not know it.

The questions are worded differently to how you would find them in the manuals. This eliminates the risk of searching for answers in the manuals.

The fill in the blank questions are initially marked depending on correct spelling, though your tutor will review your answers and update your course final grade, so please remember that the result you see when you complete the exam may not be your registered final grade.


Important to note!!
If you find that the graphics are overlapping the internal screen, please zoom out so that the images no longer overlap. Please familiarise yourself with how to zoom out prior to beginning the exam as each model will differ (most allow you to hold down the control button and pres the (-) button to zoom out.

You need to ensure you have scrolled down enough to click the ‘next’ button as the area where the graphics are can somewhat cover the ‘next button, making it difficult to click.
Finally, good luck!