PDTI Module 4 Assessment

Module Four Assessment

You must produce two videos.

Video A

You must create a presentation video which would be suitable to give to clients. The behaviour covered in this video can be one of the below, or you can email your tutor to discuss another behaviour that you may want to train.

You must create a hand out for the client for this behaviour.

You are being assessed on your presentation skills, your ability to design a programme, video production and quality, your motor skills during training.


Video B

You must create a video that covers your training of a new behaviour with a dog of your choice. The video must show portions of all of your training sessions, showing progression as the sessions continue.


You must create a written S.M.A.R.T.E.R. programme for training this behaviour.


You are being assessed on your ability to use learning theory throughout to create your programme, footage showing progression slowly but surely, motor skills, break the training into smaller sessions, ability to interpret the dogs behaviours, ability to develop a programme, and critically assess your performance.


Behaviour A Options (choose one of below or suggest another) Behaviour B Options (choose one of below or suggest another)


Roll over






Loose leash (Dog must initially pull on leash but by end of training walk calmly on the leash around other dogs in the park)


Get the Object (dog goes to object from a distance, picks it up, and brings it back to trainer)


Recall (the dog must initially ignore the recall cue but must be able to come back when instructed from a distance when other dogs are around in a busy area)


Clicker train a unique behaviour (get into box / touch a switch / use youtube for inspiration)



Video duration maximum 10 minutes Video duration maximum 15 minutes


Your assessment must be uploaded as two separate documents, video A and video B.

You must provide a link to the YouTube video that you have uploaded along with your written portion of the assessment.

Assessment due on or before 5pm on August 16th.

PDTI Module 4 Assessment