Module 2 Assessment (Upload Document)

Assessment Details

This assessment has two parts, video A and video B.

For EACH video you must create a table that explains what you are observing, using the terminology you have been taught over the past 3 weeks.

Break the video’s down in to 30sec sections. Create a table that explains what you see, how the animal is feeling, and what it is trying to communicate.

Remember to review the Jaak Panksepp emotional states from your IPDC course.

Use the below table as a guide to follow.

Time Signals Observed Emotional State What is the dog communicating
0-29sec Rapid movement, avoided eye contact, piloerrection, pupil dilation, facial tension. Fear / Panic Give me space


Submission Details

You can watch the below videos as many times as you like.

Create a word document. Use font as recommended in prior assessment, and again, follow guidelines from prior assessment, though you do NOT need to write out the question for this submission, simply categorise as Video A and Video B. Please provide as much information as you can into the document, but ensure you are only reporting what you see. This assessment is simply interpreting what you see, not what may hypothetically be happening.

Save the document as yournamePDTImodule2.

Upload on or before May 24th 5pm.

You must upload your submission to this page.

WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE DOCUMENT click ‘start exam’ below.

You will be prompted to upload your assessment. Click ‘finish exam’ to load.

Allow it to load. Once it has loaded you will get the message stating that you have received 100%. This is NOT your grade, this is simply to allow you to carry on with the online course. Your results will be sent to you within 20 working days.


Please watch the below videos and complete your assessment

Completely IGNORE the text, or any spoken word in the videos as they are not completed by behaviour experts.

Video A

ONLY focus on the Siberian husky in this video.

Video B

IGNORE text.








Module 2 Assessment (Upload Document)