Posted on March, 16, 2016

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Welcome to Creedons College Quiz

Posted on January, 25, 2016

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How To Choose A Dog Trainer

Posted on September, 15, 2015

There are many different ideas that are deemed the best way to train, everyone has their own opinion. However there are some that are scientific fact, which is the science of dog training. Thorndike’s Law of effect, created by Edward Thorndike back in 1905, tells us that if something really good immediately follows a behaviours […]

work with dogs

It’s Mine !

Posted on September, 15, 2015

Resource guarding, though you may not know it, is something we see every day. Those “cute” videos of dogs protecting the new baby in the family, there was a video recently of a tiny dog protecting his food from a big Great Dane, the people filming thought it was hilarious, as did many of those […]

The Stretch From Hell !

Posted on September, 15, 2015

Retractable leads have the ability to strike fear into those you have had the misfortune of being at the end of its fury. Owners love these leads as it gives the dog more freedom without letting them loose. They can sniff and run ahead or lag behind depending on the mood. They are great for […]

To Treat or Not To Treat?

Posted on September, 15, 2015

Positive reinforcement trainers will often hear people say that it doesn’t work for their dog and they prefer to use “other methods”. It may be the case that it doesn’t work, but it is not because the methods just don’t work, it is because they are using them wrong. Possibly the single most important factor […]

The truth about ‘designer’ dog breeds

Posted on September, 15, 2015

Cockapoos, Labradoodles and Puggles are mixed breed dogs that may not have been around for as long as you think. Crossbreeding began in the 1980’s by Wally Conron, breeding manager of the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia. It began when he was approached to breed a dog that was both allergy friendly and could […]

Help Your Dog To Cope

Posted on September, 15, 2015

it is an unfortunate truth that dogs these days are suffering from more stress than ever before. The phrase ‘It’s a dog’s life’ sadly doesn’t exist for all dogs. They have of course always had behaviours they performed to show stress, vital for their survival and allowing flight or fight. You may see your dog […]

Start a pet business

Supporting Our Learners

Posted on June, 25, 2015

Creedons College supports our learners.   We intend, going forward, to offer the label of Creedons Approved Pet Professionals. This will become a nationwide organisation in the coming years, including veterinary practices, dog walkers, pet sitters, pet shops, dog trainers, boarding kennels, catteries and so on.   In the future, there will be an independent […]

Why some dogs don’t like snow

Posted on May, 18, 2015

We discussed a little while back why dogs love snow so much, but what about the opposite. Not all dogs are the same and not all dogs like snow, so why not? Here are some reasons from well know dog professionals. Alexandra Horowitz suggests that it is the same reasons some like it that others […]